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Dear Clean Water Advocate:    

This week New York State’s Budget negotiations are ramping up and the competition for State dollars is simply fierce. As a result, despite the obvious need, serious funding commitments for clean water investment on Long Island could be left on the sidelines  – unless we raise our voices in support of clean water TODAY!  

To make this happen, we need your immediate help.   

By sending a letter directly to your elected representatives, you can call attention to Long Island’s growing water quality problems and make sure that our need for water quality investment is not forgotten in the final budget deal that will emerge.

As you know, on Long Island, a safe supply of clean drinking water and healthy creeks, bays and harbors support a multi-billion dollar economy fueled by tourism, boating, fishing, plentiful seafood, and a desirable way of life for Nassau and Suffolk residents like you. Long Island’s waters create jobs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars every year for our regional economy. 

Sadly, nitrogen pollution from sewage threatens Long Island’s health, economy and quality of life and we have to fix it now. Toxic algae in our waters, fueled by excess nitrogen, can kill fish and our pets, and is deadly to humans. 

Fortunately, the New York State Legislature and the Governor, can work to solve the problem by investing in clean water technology, creating better standards to reduce pollution, and setting clear water quality priorities for the future.  But this commitment will not happen by itself and it will take a sustained effort from the public to keep this issue a priority.

In order to effectively address our water quality threats, we need a nitrogen management plan and targets to reduce pollution. These will help us identify a path forward so we can best prioritize future action and ensure that we are working collaboratively to tackle this issue. 

Please send an email to the Speaker of the Assembly, the New York Senate Majority Leader and the Governor urging them to include funding for clean water in the enacted New York State Budget. 

Thank you for taking action –and  sending a letter today.


Long Island Clean Water Partnership


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